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Solar power may become cheaper than thermal in 2-3 years: India Ratings and Research

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Source: Economic Times

The report released by India Ratings and Research (Ind-Ra) says that solar power is likely to become cheaper and will reach the level of the conventional thermal energy prices over the next two-three years. The report reveals that the price correction will be determined by a decline in capital costs – solar modules and plant, an increase in efficiency, a shift towards large solar photovoltaic projects leading to the economies of scale and lower return expectations by developers.

Young minds bat for solar power

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Source: The Hindu

Andhra Pradesh Eastern Power Distribution Corporation Limited had organised a three-day solar expo at Viswapriya Function Hall wherein electrical and mechanical engineers from 18 colleges came forward with projects and presentations on rooftop-based solar solutions such as creating a separate DC micro grid for uploading of solar energy generated.