Rahul Munjal: Renewable energy crusader

22-Sep-2016 #Ideas Source: India Inc

Though cut from the same cloth, the eldest in the next generation of the Munjal family has taken a divergent route from his predecessors. A staunch advocate of reversing the ill effects of climate change, Rahul Munjal is quickly gaining prominence in the green economy and already has India’s largest rooftop solar installation and first certified commercial green bond to his name. Inspired by his father who founded what was to become world’s largest two wheeler maker–Hero MotoCorp, the junior Munjal is hoping his venture would be as successful in its own way.

On October 23, 2014, Pawan Munjal, the chairman and CEO of Hero MotoCorp world’s largest two wheeler manufacturer was busy showcasing the company’s new factory in Neemrana to a select group of media persons. The facility with a capacity to make 7.5 lakh units every year was Hero’s fourth in the country and one of the most modern and sophisticated two wheeler manufacturing facilities. Due to be inaugurated the following day, Munjal was at pains to explain how this factory was unlike any other. Before the journalists could be taken to the shop floor—the heart of any automotive facility where the assembly of vehicles takes place—Munjal escorted all of them to the roof of the building.

Unlike any other factory in India, the roof of the Neemrana facility is almost entirely covered by solar panels. The factory building is oriented diagonally based on the sun path so that the 1.5 megawatt solar photovoltaic modules get maximum exposure to the sun. Login/Sign up to Read more…

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