Riding on an entirely Indian solar solution

25-Oct-2016 #Ideas Source: India Inc

Naveen Rabelli recently completed a unique 10,000-km journey from India to the UK in a fully solar-powered auto-rickshaw. His mission was simple: To show the world what Indian jugaad or frugal innovation can achieve in the world of renewables.

A colourful solar-powered auto-rickshaw rode into London recently to complete its 10,000-km journey from India.
The autorickshaw, or tuk-tuk as it is known in some parts of the world, was driven by Indian engineer Naveen Rabelli who had set off from Bengaluru in February. He arrived at Dover ferry crossing in the UK on September 12, five days later than expected because he was robbed during a toilet break last week as he approached the ferry crossing from France.

“The purpose of this journey is to create awareness of alternative mobility solutions for passenger vehicles in Asian and European countries using renewable energy – mix of solar and electricity,” explains the 35-year-old, who refused to let the robbery in France get him down. Login/Sign up to Read more…

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